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Balanced Life Coaching

Meet the Life Coach

I didn’t want to write a story about myself. This is because the story behind my becoming a Life Coach is rather extraordinary.

Those close to me will tell you I’m a humble person, who avoids fame and publicity.  I’m not one to blow my own horn… or talk about myself for lengthy periods of time. However, I understand that you need to know more about me. It’s essential for you to identify with the person behind the mask.

So here goes. I’ll offer you some interesting background information and then get to the ‘good stuff’.

For as long as I can remember I’ve always had an interest in life – how we got here, what makes the world tick, what’s the purpose of life.  You know, the kind of stuff that might keep you awake at night. I remember always questioning those in authority: my parents, teachers, church leaders, bosses.  I’d always be asking “Why”, and the answers I received never seemed to gel with me.  The most irritating response I’d receive when people didn’t know the answer to my questions was that I should simply have faith.  I hated that!

I’ve also been very lucky in life.

At the age of 19, I started two years of obligatory military service – the best 2 years of my life.  By the age of 20 I had completed an Officer’s Course, against all odds (I had no tertiary education, had no intention of joining the Permanent Force, and I happened to be in a section of the military which had more officers than they knew what to do with).  Also in that year, I became Base Security Officer for a now defunct Air Force Base on the southern border of Angola (a war-torn country on the West coast of Africa).  At this tender age I was responsible for the internal security of the entire base.  Helping me out was a battalion of 70 troops and 5 non-commissioned officers, who obeyed my every command.  I presided over an inventory of weapons, armoured vehicles, guard towers and miscellaneous hardware worth millions.  I had my own bullet-proof van and a three-wheel motorbike with fat tyres to get me through the soft sand around the perimeter of the Airforce base.  The veteran pilots hated me, because they had to share a vehicle between 8 of them. And they never received invites to dinners with senior officers and their stunning wives, who were based permanently there.  I was 20 years old.

After my military experiences (if I told all my war stories we’d be here for another week!), fate smiled on me again and forced me into the burgeoning IT&T (Information Technology and Telecommunications) field.  I was responsible for the timely launch of the first mobile telephony provider in South Africa.  We were under tight deadlines to ensure our network was operational before the first ever all-race elections in 1994.  We made it, against all odds.

For many years prior to that stressful time I’d wanted to go travelling.  Nothing unique about that – almost everyone does.  However, I wanted something a little different: I wanted to see the world at someone else’s expense.  Whenever I told my friends about my desire, they simply laughed.  In 1995, I had the last laugh, when I received the opportunity of a lifetime to head up a small software firm in Sydney, Australia.  My office looked right onto the Sydney Harbour Bridge.  Most evenings I’d spend two hours on the water with my brand new Jetski.  My relocation, ginormous house in Mosman (one of Sydney’s most exclusive suburbs), meals in 5-star restaurants with clients, and brand new Audi A6 were all paid for by my British employer.  I was 29 years old, and having the time of my life.

Thinking back, I can’t believe I found the time to launch my first website at that time, but I somehow managed it.  Back then I had no idea what I was doing, but the site can now be found in Position 1 on Google, for a number of fascinating search phrases (including a very short 3-letter phrase – not an easy achievement).  One thousand people see the site every day, and, as a friend of mine so cleverly puts that in perspective, imagine a university professor lecturing to 1,000 students each and every day, 365 days a year.  I’m very pleased with the results that website has achieved.

I wanted to tell you the extraordinary story behind my becoming a Life Coach and a Hypnotist. I hope my story will help you on your journey to becoming a Life Coach.

Kitchen Cabinets Buying Guide

How to successfully remodel your kitchen cabinets

Hello, Welcome to my article about remodeling your kitchen and kitchen cabinets. On this page you’ll find some detailed information on kitchen design tips, the types of kitchen cabinets that are available to you including RTA (ready to assemble) kitchen cabinets, and also the buyers guide essentials to kitchen cabinets and much more.

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Custom Kitchens Design Tips

If you love cooking, you’ve probably daydreamed about custom kitchens with all their bells and whistles. Perhaps visions of exotic woods danced through your head. But, one tiny word can burst pleasant dream bubbles. Budget!

Possibly you haven’t heard the buzz about refacing? Homeowners are seriously watching the bottom line these days. By refacing your kitchen, using custom cabinet doors you can get your exotic woods without wrecking the budget.

Reface or Replace?

You’re a good candidate for updating your existing cabinets if they’re in good shape. Damaged cabinets should likely be replaced.

You’re a good candidate for custom cabinet doors if you’re happy with the number and layout of your current cabinets. If you’re unhappy with the way your cabinets are designed or desperately need more storage space, you’d be better served to renovate and replace them. Search “quartz countertops near me” in google search engine and you will find the best companies in your area.

Making a Difference

You can make an aesthetic difference and increase your home value exponentially by changing existing doors for custom cabinet doors. For example, euro-style doors made of Italian wood veneer becomes an affordable dream.

Other exotic woods you can choose from are teak, rosewood or Zebrano wood. Want an eco-friendly kitchen? No problem. Eco-friendly bleached oak with its soft brilliance adds a luxurious touch to custom kitchens. It’s fun and easy to get creative with custom cabinet doors!

Made to Order

Custom cabinet doors are made to order. This characteristic distinguishes custom kitchens from generic cabinets found at home centers.

You have control. You have flexibility in design from modern to country; you get the precise custom cabinet doors of your dreams.

Cabinet Doors Styles

The types of cabinet doors are flush or framed. The flush a.k.a. slab door is usually made from cabinet grade plywood and your choice of decorative edging.

Framed custom cabinet doors have a built-in flat panel, which is placed in a solid lumber frame.

Finally, “premium” cabinet doors are mitered where corners are cut at a 45 degree angle (think picture frame).

In the middle of the door is the panel. Most panels are constructed of high quality plywood. Beaded panels are constructed from solid wood. A decorative panel can be made of stained glass, lattice or grillwork.

Designers agree when people are looking for a new home the kitchen is the first room they peruse. Custom kitchens add a smart, crisp look that will serve you well for years.

Down the line if you decide to sell your home, gorgeous custom cabinet doors will entice potential buyers.

Weight Loss And Acupuncture

You possess likely seen a interest unscheduled or two virtually how group ofttimes use treatment as a melody of their metric expiration information. You, nonetheless, may someone your own reservations virtually seeing an acupuncturist NY. Equal if you anticipate much a process may line, you may not need to experience being stuck with needles all over your embody. Or perhaps you are indeed uncertain that the curative of needles can ameliorate your embody overcome the obstacles that encounter it. But you may not score all the facts at your fingertips; perhaps your dubiousness is based many on what you do not screw than anything added. If you are considering a new coefficient disadvantage contrive or any big fashion changes for the get to supply.

The Island art of acupuncture has been experienced for thousands of years, and this new acupuncture for unit diminution outgrowth is supported on this tralatitious training. Sources estimate that acupuncture has been victimized for this end for centuries, but the process has only newly made itself familiar in the Northwestern mankind. Because relate in the preparation has transform so widespread, quite a few reviews of the grooming bang prefab their way into mainstream media footage. As statesman and much people attain themselves to be many fleshiness than they would similar, practicing treatment for coefficient failure has beautify improbably popular and opportune statistics are healthy.

Reports present that people in Crockery acquire unrecoverable between 22 and 30 pounds after project this affect. In highly unique cases, group bed gone solon than 240 pounds – an marvellous amount for anyone to decline, in any fashion. Sinitic acupuncturists also kind the ask that quatern in quintuplet patients go on to retrograde coefficient after sitting for a term. This is quite the success value, so it is no wonderment the practise is gaining in popularity.

The ascend in the popularity of treatment for weight decline treatments has seen quite a few centers popping up in metropolis blocks and shopping centers all over the country, but some present be popeyed to distinguish that this growth is not all almost the needles. Instead, the point is on rising the digestive group, which involves the more benefits of herbal treatments. A clinic with squeaking standards is one that will use pharmaceutical-quality herbs to rebalance the digestive group, create rates of metabolism and thin craving. The herbal assets of the operation is the key substance in correcting unit failure issues and making emblematic diet regimes line centers for coefficient casualty leave also employ techniques much as statement on suitable ventilation and clement exercises. The package teaches patients how to counterbalance the embody and increase malleability. A term may let a Treatment massage as source. All of these techniques alter up a well-rounded treatment metric experience term. Although these programs are fashioned to supply patients worsen weight, coefficient casualty would not be fast. Rather, patients gift see a delayed and sure assess of slimming feather. The information is meant to evince construction.

Acupuncture Certification

When choosing an acupuncture practitioner, you may have questions. Is it important for an acupuncturist to be certified? What does certification mean? Is there an acupuncture license?

First, do not be alarmed if your acupuncturist does not have a license. Until just a few years ago, licensing acupuncturists was uncommon, and even today there are still 20 states that do not offer a license in acupuncture.

If you live in a state that has licensing, you can be fairly confident in the aptitude of your practitioner. However, if your state does not offer licensing, some proof of skill level is important when entrusting your wellness to an acupuncture health professional.

Many practitioners choose to obtain a national certification through the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM) organization. In order to earn the certification title of Diplomate, the acupuncturist must pass a challenging examination. In some states this certification is a basic requirement in obtaining a license.

In order to even sit for the examination, the candidate must first have many hours in formal education in Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture, or a minimum of 4000 hours in apprenticeship, or a combination of both formal education and apprenticeship.

After passing the examination and receiving the initial certification, the practitioner who wishes to remain certified must continue lifelong education in acupuncture by taking additional classes to earn Professional Development Activity points (PDA) and apply for re-certification with NCCAOM every four years.

More people each year are discovering the power and benefits of acupuncture. As the number of people looking for services grows, so does the governmental concern to make sure that citizens are protected.

So, it is important that there is proof that your acupuncture health professional is competent. A license or NCCAOM certification will assure you that your practitioner is knowledgeable. Re-certification shows someone continuing to improve their proficiency, which will benefit you even more.