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Balanced Life Coaching

Meet the Life Coach

I didn’t want to write a story about myself. This is because the story behind my becoming a Life Coach is rather extraordinary.

Those close to me will tell you I’m a humble person, who avoids fame and publicity.  I’m not one to blow my own horn… or talk about myself for lengthy periods of time. However, I understand that you need to know more about me. It’s essential for you to identify with the person behind the mask.

So here goes. I’ll offer you some interesting background information and then get to the ‘good stuff’.

For as long as I can remember I’ve always had an interest in life – how we got here, what makes the world tick, what’s the purpose of life.  You know, the kind of stuff that might keep you awake at night. I remember always questioning those in authority: my parents, teachers, church leaders, bosses.  I’d always be asking “Why”, and the answers I received never seemed to gel with me.  The most irritating response I’d receive when people didn’t know the answer to my questions was that I should simply have faith.  I hated that!

I’ve also been very lucky in life.

At the age of 19, I started two years of obligatory military service – the best 2 years of my life.  By the age of 20 I had completed an Officer’s Course, against all odds (I had no tertiary education, had no intention of joining the Permanent Force, and I happened to be in a section of the military which had more officers than they knew what to do with).  Also in that year, I became Base Security Officer for a now defunct Air Force Base on the southern border of Angola (a war-torn country on the West coast of Africa).  At this tender age I was responsible for the internal security of the entire base.  Helping me out was a battalion of 70 troops and 5 non-commissioned officers, who obeyed my every command.  I presided over an inventory of weapons, armoured vehicles, guard towers and miscellaneous hardware worth millions.  I had my own bullet-proof van and a three-wheel motorbike with fat tyres to get me through the soft sand around the perimeter of the Airforce base.  The veteran pilots hated me, because they had to share a vehicle between 8 of them. And they never received invites to dinners with senior officers and their stunning wives, who were based permanently there.  I was 20 years old.

After my military experiences (if I told all my war stories we’d be here for another week!), fate smiled on me again and forced me into the burgeoning IT&T (Information Technology and Telecommunications) field.  I was responsible for the timely launch of the first mobile telephony provider in South Africa.  We were under tight deadlines to ensure our network was operational before the first ever all-race elections in 1994.  We made it, against all odds.

For many years prior to that stressful time I’d wanted to go travelling.  Nothing unique about that – almost everyone does.  However, I wanted something a little different: I wanted to see the world at someone else’s expense.  Whenever I told my friends about my desire, they simply laughed.  In 1995, I had the last laugh, when I received the opportunity of a lifetime to head up a small software firm in Sydney, Australia.  My office looked right onto the Sydney Harbour Bridge.  Most evenings I’d spend two hours on the water with my brand new Jetski.  My relocation, ginormous house in Mosman (one of Sydney’s most exclusive suburbs), meals in 5-star restaurants with clients, and brand new Audi A6 were all paid for by my British employer.  I was 29 years old, and having the time of my life.

Thinking back, I can’t believe I found the time to launch my first website at that time, but I somehow managed it.  Back then I had no idea what I was doing, but the site can now be found in Position 1 on Google, for a number of fascinating search phrases (including a very short 3-letter phrase – not an easy achievement).  One thousand people see the site every day, and, as a friend of mine so cleverly puts that in perspective, imagine a university professor lecturing to 1,000 students each and every day, 365 days a year.  I’m very pleased with the results that website has achieved.

I wanted to tell you the extraordinary story behind my becoming a Life Coach and a Hypnotist. I hope my story will help you on your journey to becoming a Life Coach.