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Kitchen Cabinets Buying Guide

How to successfully remodel your kitchen cabinets

Hello, Welcome to my article about remodeling your kitchen and kitchen cabinets. On this page you’ll find some detailed information on kitchen design tips, the types of kitchen cabinets that are available to you including RTA (ready to assemble) kitchen cabinets, and also the buyers guide essentials to kitchen cabinets and much more.

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Custom Kitchens Design Tips

If you love cooking, you’ve probably daydreamed about custom kitchens with all their bells and whistles. Perhaps visions of exotic woods danced through your head. But, one tiny word can burst pleasant dream bubbles. Budget!

Possibly you haven’t heard the buzz about refacing? Homeowners are seriously watching the bottom line these days. By refacing your kitchen, using custom cabinet doors you can get your exotic woods without wrecking the budget.

Reface or Replace?

You’re a good candidate for updating your existing cabinets if they’re in good shape. Damaged cabinets should likely be replaced.

You’re a good candidate for custom cabinet doors if you’re happy with the number and layout of your current cabinets. If you’re unhappy with the way your cabinets are designed or desperately need more storage space, you’d be better served to renovate and replace them. Search “quartz countertops near me” in google search engine and you will find the best companies in your area.

Making a Difference

You can make an aesthetic difference and increase your home value exponentially by changing existing doors for custom cabinet doors. For example, euro-style doors made of Italian wood veneer becomes an affordable dream.

Other exotic woods you can choose from are teak, rosewood or Zebrano wood. Want an eco-friendly kitchen? No problem. Eco-friendly bleached oak with its soft brilliance adds a luxurious touch to custom kitchens. It’s fun and easy to get creative with custom cabinet doors!

Made to Order

Custom cabinet doors are made to order. This characteristic distinguishes custom kitchens from generic cabinets found at home centers.

You have control. You have flexibility in design from modern to country; you get the precise custom cabinet doors of your dreams.

Cabinet Doors Styles

The types of cabinet doors are flush or framed. The flush a.k.a. slab door is usually made from cabinet grade plywood and your choice of decorative edging.

Framed custom cabinet doors have a built-in flat panel, which is placed in a solid lumber frame.

Finally, “premium” cabinet doors are mitered where corners are cut at a 45 degree angle (think picture frame).

In the middle of the door is the panel. Most panels are constructed of high quality plywood. Beaded panels are constructed from solid wood. A decorative panel can be made of stained glass, lattice or grillwork.

Designers agree when people are looking for a new home the kitchen is the first room they peruse. Custom kitchens add a smart, crisp look that will serve you well for years.

Down the line if you decide to sell your home, gorgeous custom cabinet doors will entice potential buyers.